A great mystery resolved?

From John Hennessy:

I have always found this to be one of the most affecting of all images taken during the Civil War–the remnants of a Union line of battle at Gettysburg. Its location has remained a stubborn mystery for 148 years (eluding Frassanito and dozens of other sleuths), but now Scott Hartwig, the fine historian at Gettysburg, seems to have it figured out.  He presents his conclusions over at that park’s new blog. You can find background on the image in Part 1 of his post and his conclusions in Part 2.

3 thoughts on “A great mystery resolved?

  1. Glad you have a link to the Gettysburg blog. It promises to be a wonderful site, just wish they would post more frequently.

  2. It’s too premature to mark this case as closed. Over the past 30 years, well over a score of proposed sites have been offered and each one William A. Frassanito has unfortunately had to debunk. Again in this case, anyone willing to ask Mr. Frassanito will find a pile of serious problems with the site. Mr Hartwig bases parts of his blog post on frequent citations of Frassanito’s 1970s class, Journey in Time. Unfortunately, Hartwig ignores the current scholarship presented in Frassanito’s later work, Early Photography at Gettysburg, which revises the movements of Gardner’s photography team upon its arrival and subsequent stay in Gettysburg–details that bring more questions to his proposed site.

    If the public just takes this claim of finding the site at face value, we run the risk of people discontinuing their search for the historic site, whether it be Hartwig’s or another, yet undiscovered location.

    • Thanks for the comment. Far be it for us to referee an age-old Gettysburg debate. We do, however, know Scott Hartwig to be a thoughtful, careful historian, whose assertions may not be biblical in stature, but at least must be considered seriously. I am quite sure that he welcomes discussion of this question and the evidence he presents. That’s the nature of the history business…. John H.

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