Big Things Coming Quick–Ural, Rable, O’Reilly and the 150th

We depart from our normal historiographical flow to let you know of two things related to the Fredericksburg 150th.

On November 17, from 1-5 at the Fredericksburg Baptist Church at 1019 Princess Anne Street, Years of Anguish: Struggle at Fredericksburg will feature three of the premier speakers on Fredericksburg anywhere. For one of the few times in modern history, George Rable and Frank O’Reilly–the two greatest authorities on the Battle of Fredericksburg, each the author of a distinctive book–will share the stage.  And, Susannah Ural will present her vivid work on the role of the Irish Brigade at Fredericksburg.  The event is free, and we hope you will join us.

Also, the full schedule for the Fredericksburg 150th is now available. You can download the program by clicking here or on the cover, below.  The pdf is about 5mb.  Follow updates to the 150th schedule on the park’s Facebook page


2 thoughts on “Big Things Coming Quick–Ural, Rable, O’Reilly and the 150th

  1. It was a wonderful afternoon listening to O’Reilly, Ural, and Rable. Thanks to the organizers and presenters for a marvelous event and a great learning event. F. Trent

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