Posted by: The staff | November 18, 2012

M&C Live: Eric Mink on Building a Park


Some of the most popular posts on M&C are those that speak to the development and evolution of the park. Eric has been the leader on this, turning up dozens of little tidbits and curiosities over the last many years (here is an example).

Tomorrow night, Monday, November 19, at 7 p.m., Eric will explore the evolution of the park in live form, presenting the third in our M&C Live series at the Rappahannock Regional Library HQ Branch on Caroline Street. Word is he has a number of new discoveries he’s planning to roll out. Hope to see you there.


  1. A subject that I suppose still is being debated today. Obviously after the war people weren’t as concerned with history as they were with resuming their lives. Much has changed I believe. Still mysteries and conundrums out there.

  2. Having heard Eric before, I can vouch he is an outstanding speaker and well versed in the topic at hand…This should be an interesting session…Thanks Eric…Trent

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