One thought on “Marye’s jpeg final

  1. Did not see this image when I was creating the art that is now on display of the 3/4 Overhead view of the Battle of Fredericksburg from the reverse angle…Henri Lovi was a consummate battlefield artist w/ his wide angle views …Love the fact that it was a scroll of paper. I have done period backdrops for an io member for a group called CWRR’s These were done for the W&A RR (ie The Great Locomotive Chase) for a friend of mine in Long Branch NJ. He saw my work in the movie that I made entitled “The OTHER Great Locomotive Chase” which won for production and set design in the 2005 Dixiefilmfest. I used my 15′ x 18 in scrolls to wrap around a circular support of Hardboard to capture running shots of my HO Locomotives employed in the film. G-scale was used for C/U’s Watch it on you tube-12 chapters…sit back an enjoy the ride Fully orchestrated…Think Mad Magazine/ Thomas the Tank Engine /Buster Keaton and a host of subtle nods to incidents in the Civil War. Even the 3 Stooges make an earl appearance when loading a boxcar and find 3 cigars wrapped in .Lee’sLost Order…Enjoy Brian K

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