A St. Patrick’s Day Pension

From John Hennessy:

Our friend Mike Snyder, master of all things Schuylill County and Pottstown, PA, sends along a note about a soldier who fraudulently claimed a disability pension as a result of an injury received  the great St. Patrick’s Day race. Thanks very much Mike. 

Hobart William M. 116th PAWilliam Mintzer Hobart of Pottstown, Pa.  rode in the St. Patrick’s Day steeple chase. At some point in the race he was thrown from his horse and hit his head on the ground. In 1879 Hobart applied for a pension claiming the injury happened in the line of duty when a cavalryman ran into him. In 1884, after an investigation disclosed that he was injured in the race, his pension was stopped. Hobart served in Co. C, 4th PA and then the 116 PA and eventually was the provost marshal for the 1st Div. 2nd Corps. After the war he spent the rest of his long life in Pottstown and married a 1st cousin of John Rutter Brooke. He was still living in June 1923 when the attached photo appeared in a issue of the Pottstown News. There were many 53rd PA veterans in Pottstown and I don’t think they liked Hobart as four of them testified that they saw the event and saw Hobart thrown from his horse.

3 thoughts on “A St. Patrick’s Day Pension

  1. Capt. Hobart and his wife Elizabeth Wills Rutter Hobart had a number of children: Anna Potts Hobart (Hartshorne), Mary Ives Hobart (Hartshorne), Samuel Osborne Hobart, and Elizabeth Rutter Hobart (Mifflin). Mary Ives Hobart Hartshorne was my great-grandmother, so Capt. and Mrs. Hobart were my great-great-grandparents.

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