A Public Conversation

Every week the park staff has conversations (sometmies rigorous) about a new photograph, a new source, or a new idea about the historic landscape on and around the four battlefields within the park.  A few of these discussions lead to new understandings or insights.  We will, by virtue of this blog, take some of those conversations and explorations public.  Our purpose is, in part, to share with the public some of the work that makes our jobs so very interesting.  At the same time, we know there are many people out there with lots of knowledge, sources, and additional information that will add to a better understanding of the landscape and resources we manage and interpret.  This blog is an open invitation for you to join in and add to an exploratory process that, we hope, will enhance preservation of the battlefields in and around Fredericksburg. 

Much of the material posted here will be provided by the park’s cultural resource managers, Eric Mink and Noel Harrison, though other members of the staff (Greg Mertz, Frank O’Reilly, Donald Pfanz, and John Hennessy) will also chime in occasionally. Comments are welcome.

2 thoughts on “A Public Conversation

  1. Not sure if this is the spot to leave a general question.
    Do you know the Corps Badge worn by the NJ 11th regiment at the Battle of Spotsylvania in May 1864? They were in the 4th division which my research implies there was NO badge for the 4th. They had to change their badges after Gettysburg from the White Diamond with blue background.
    Doing a family poster on a relative killed at Spotsylvania with the NJ11.

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