A Christmas Letter, December 25, 1862

From John Hennessy:

P.H. Powers of Jeb Stuart’s staff wrote to his wife on Christmas morning:

I hardly have the heart to wish you a Merry Christmas this beautiful Christmas morning because I well know merriment is not for you this day…..I thought of [the children] when I first awoke this morning…and wondered what you managed to put in their stockings.  Memory went back to the many happy Christmas days we have spent together with them.  Alas!  Will the good old times ever return again and you and I and our little ones dwell together in peace?  I hope so.  I believe so, but the heart sickens with the deferred hope.

Lt. Powers’ hope is our reality.   Revel in it, but do not forget that here in our land it was not always so….

From Robert Trout, With Pen and Sabre, p. 129-130–a very nice book.  .

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Letter, December 25, 1862

  1. Thanks for posting.

    I agree that Trout’s book is quite excellent. His book on Stuart’s staff officers is also first rate.


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