Crassness Unsurpassed

I came across this rather stunning ad from the Steuben Courier (Bath, NY), January 7, 1863.

The Union army butchered at Fredericksburg?  No problem. Shop at Perines!

The administration and war effort under siege by critics?  Well, at least Perines has the “cheapest stock of goods!”

Beset by the nation’s “vale of tears?”  No problem.  Rush to Perines!

Perine was the preeminent retailer in Bath, NY, through the second half of the 19th century.

If you are looking for a case study in Yankee crassness (I say as a Yankee), this is the mother of all of them.

STeuben Ad Fredericksburg.png

3 thoughts on “Crassness Unsurpassed

  1. Along the same vein on July 2, 1881, the same day President James Garfield was shot, the Memphis “Public Ledger” ran an ad on its 4th page stating, “Who Shot Garfield? It certainly could not have been Cohen the Hatter, because he is behind his counter selling hats to the people, and at astonishingly low prices.”

  2. Hi. I read and save everyone of your articles. Thank-you for your great service.I have studied the Civil War for 60 years, and I thought I had seen everything. But this beats them all. Proper and printable words fail me. Best wishes. Yvonne P. Divak


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